Jet Ski

Is for one, two or three riders. All our boats are
latest models and in excellent condition. Savor the ultimate
Experience planing onto the water at high speeds.

Water Skiing, Singles Ski, Wakeboard, Wakeskate, Knee board

You are a beginner and you hesitate to try? Experienced instructors that are
licensed by the Greek Water Ski Federation is ready to
impart the secrets and art of water skiing and Wakeboard. You are
experienced? Enjoy your hobby and do amazing stunts in the air.


Known to all ,our rings. It's fun! Compete along with
your company and the winner will be the one who wont fall in water. Just
select what kind of tour you prefer regular or extreme!


A sports purely for a lot of people at the same time.Come
with your friends or your family to live an unforgettable experience
skipping over the waves.It gives the impression that you're on a
horse as the rodeo and tries to master it.Enjoy it!

Fly Manta Ray

A unique experience that raises your adrenaline.
If you are extreme person and you like
risky situations,you should definitely try.


Want to enjoy your swimming by diving from the slide of
a pedal boat; just rent it for an hour-a day and go ... Max (4) persons.

Canoe - Kayak

It's the perfect entertainment for children and good exercise
for adults .We have a variety of canoes for one or two people.


Want to feel the power of the wind in your sails? Marine
our region with powerful winds prevailing throughout most
Throughout the summer and big waves are ideal
place to experience this exciting experience. The experienced staff
We are always willing to guide you through the secrets of
this wonderful sport.

SUP (stand up paddleboard), Body board, Skimboard

Enjoy the adrenaline of surfing sometimes in
really 2m waves, and sometimes in Flat water ...