Some words about us

Flisvos is a company that was founded in 1974 from Michalis Mavrogiannopoulos.
As a teenager then, with great

Naxos Island

In the heart of the Cyclades in the heart of the Aegean.
has always followed the fate of the adventure of residents of the

Live Camera

live photos from Sain George.

ิhe flying tube

We can all live out our dreams of soaring majestically through the air in a big, inflatable manta ray.
The Flying Manta Ray isn't so much a sweet gadget but it is a complete lifestlye change. Once hitched onto the back of a motor boat, you and the rest of the gang from East Egg (well, up to two people) can catch some serious air, as the watercraft's 11-foot wingspan permits it to fly at speeds as low as 23 miles per hour.

The weather forecast in Naxos for the next 3 days