About Us

Flisvos is a company that was founded in 1974 from Michalis Mavrogiannopoulos.
As a teenager then with great love for the sea and water sports ,he couldnít use a different name than "Flisvos" ... which means a wave of sound.
It is the first watersports school on the island and one of the oldest schools in Greece! Since then the windsurfing and water skiing was something new for the Greeks.
"Flisvos" for us is the sound wave, the hot sun and endless hours of fun in the water.
On our way from 1974 until today we have managed to win numerous friends in Greece and abroad, sharing their love for the sea and the action.

Our staff is always experienced instructors recognized by the Greek federation, which is always available to both the initiated, and the novice visitor.
We offer a wide variety of marine equipment, latest technology for guests of all ages and all levels, even for the not so energetic. Always concern our security practitioner and fun.
Where Flisvos .... equals guaranteed fun destination .....